2013 US Open Fan Experience

Art & Sound of Tennis and Swing Analysis

Each year at the US Open in New York City, the American Express Fan Experience hosts numerous events and activities for tennis fans.

In 2013, Your Majesty and Red Paper Heart were invited by Momentum to collaborate on what became the largest installation within the 30,000 sq ft space. The ‘Art & Sound of Tennis’ and ‘Swing Analysis’ was a 2-part experience that invited fans to participate in the creation of abstract generative art.

The ‘Art & Sound of Tennis’ had two participants per session standing before a 30' LED screen equipped with customized racquets. The swings of their racquets were tracked with motion sensors, generating a tennis-themed abstract art visualization and soundscape. Upon completion, participants were invited to have a photo taken. A custom-built ‘photobooth’ super-imposed the generated artwork on a frame in their hands and snapped a picture. Their digital photo was immediately available for sharing through social networks.

‘Swing Analysis’ included a tennis swing analysis with a pro instructor followed by a photographic motion capture in a customized darkroom. After the participant’s pro session, the instructor issued a custom-built LED racquet that the participant was directed to swing upon cue. Stroboscopic flash lighting illuminated their motion, creating an abstract effect that was captured by a high-speed camera. A custom app processed the resulting image, layering it over generated artwork. The resulting composition was available as a high-quality art print and digital image that could be shared.

Over the course of the US Open, over 10,000 participants engaged with the installation.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Development
  • Installation
  • Logistics



  • Your Majesty

    • Executive Creative Director: Jens Karlsson
    • Associate Creative Director: Joshua Pipic
    • Designer: Prakash Nair
    • Technical Director: Tore Homberg
    • Executive Producer: Alex Poole
    • Associate Producer: Emma Valk
  • Red Paper Heart

    • Creative Director: Zander Brimijoin
    • Designer: Evan Anthony
    • Designer: Phil Sierzega
    • Product Designer: Maxine Kim
    • Technical Director: Daniel Scheibel
    • Developer: Adrià Navarro López
    • Developer: Bill Lindmeier
    • Developer: Charlie Whitney
    • Sound Designer: Thomas Piaczinski
    • Producer: Kim Robinson
    • Video Editor: Nathan Punwar

Client & Partners

  • Momentum

    • Agency
  • American Express

    • Client